Sonya Vajifdar Rainwear Collection


Written By: Christina Daniels

Never again will I frown upon Rainwear ever again after receiving what seems to be a definite ray of sunshine in my inbox this week.

Sonya Vajifdar is unique in her craft and her enthusiasm for true creativity and innovation shows it is not forced, but actually quite a natural activity for the designer. The buzz about her and her designs (which also includes Eveningwear) has grown immensely and even to the fact of being invited to showcase her newest range of fashion raincoats at the Pre London Fashion Week in 2010 and consequently launching the collection in india thereafter in June 2010 also.

You’ll find that her work is the envy of many, having been featured in Vogue, Grazia and Verve. Vajifadar’s rainwear collection brings the sexy back without a doubt and will almost have the ladies actually wanting it to rain… or at least drizzle!

A great range with various styles, fits and colours, the material selection also provides function with style and moves what can always be an overlooked garment into the fashionable era. Check out the designer and brand at and check pics from the actual Rainwear collection which was showcased at the Pre London Fashion Week Show last year, a more elaborate collection will actually be showcased at the Hilton, for the Top Model Worldwide Show on the 27th March 2011.

Note you can now get some of these pieces at

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