Triplezed Luxury Footwear


Written by: Christina Daniels

Been thirsting for some new blood to feast on (Yup I’m a designer Vampire!) and got this nice email dropped in by inbox this week, so went forth to check ‘em out and yes they are quite the talent.

Triplezed is a London based brand who specialise in exclusive footwear, and creating a transition from average Joe’s to your luxury pair of kicks. The creative mind behind what we see as the finished product is talented artist Leo Stiles, who shows innovation and creativity is of second nature!

Each pair copped is hand painted, made to last as the highest quality leather paints and weather-proof materials are used, and having been a hand painting artist myself, I know exactly how much work goes into producing something like this, and so the respect from me is there… at its highest!

You’ll find that each pair is numbered and dates to allow for true authenticity, and giving us as customers the sense of unique ownership. ┬áNow if you want to take that to higher heights then the option of getting your own bespoke designs is there and can take your fashion to a new level of swag!

Wanna know where to grab yourself a pair then you can always pop down to The Convenience Store, Westbourne Park W10 5DT, or check ‘em out at

You can also witness the birth of a Triplezed design by subscribing to their Youtube Page ( and note these will soon be attached as a USB to your laces so you get a memorabilia of how your kicks came to life!

Check out the pics below, and a vid I watched over and over again… might have also been because of the Notorious B.I.G track ‘Sky’s The Limit’ it had in the background too ;-)

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